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Current Alias

Winged Warrior










Unusual Features
White skin, Pair of white angel wings on his back


Marital Status

Ambassador of Heaven, Spiritual Counselor, former Guardian Angel of Women's


Place of Birth

First appearance



Zauriel was once a member of the Eagle Host, one of the Four Angel Hosts of Heaven. Then he fell in love with a mortal female and willingly gave up his Divinity to be with her. Now mortal, he lives among us as Heaven's Mortal Champion.

Powers and Abilities


Angel Physiology: Zauriel was created an Angel of the Eagle Host, thus possesses the powers unique to that particular type of angel.

  • Angelic Wings: Zauriel possesses winged flight, which grant him flight at incredible speeds and with a high degree of control.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Self-Sustenance
  • Healing Factor
  • Immortality
  • Water Breathing
  • Mental Conditioning: does not need to sleep nor needs to rest to recover strength. Is immune to magic that induces sleep. Has the ability to multitask and interact with information at a multitude of levels. He claims that he also possesses a level of "higher consciousness" that is constantly watching the environment at a spiritual level. He is able to understand and communicate with animals.
  • Angelic Sonic Scream: The most potent of Zauriel's powers is his devastating sonic scream, which is capable of tremendous amounts of destruction. The sonic cry was one of his powers he was allowed to keep after he left the Silver City (Heaven). Zauriel's scream is acutely attuned to the vibrational frequency that angels adopt when temporarly descending to the Earthly plane, enabling Zauriel to vaporize an angel in milliseconds. It is speculated that his scream could liquify a normal person. His sonic cry is rarely used and with good reason. It has the power to liquify any target it strikes. It causes incredible damage, particularly to spiritually created constructs such as the flesh-suit of Asmodel.
  • Angelic Over-Mind: A less-defined property of Zauriel's angelic nature is what he refers to as his angelic over-mind, the mental connection Zauriel holds as an angel to Heaven. This connection grants Zauriel various abilities, including the ability to communicate with any type of animal and a divine connection to the flow of magic on Earth. He can also sense good and evil around him and in people.
  • Holy Tradition: Zauriel can invoke the beliefs of the Gnostic Christians. He can also pull what he calls the "Red Sea trick," enabling him to part a body of water in much the way Moses did.


Zauriel has quite a diverse and versatile set of skills.

Master Swordsman: Considering he has wielded a flaming sword since the dawn of creation as a guardian angel, Zauriel is an incredible swordsman.

Master of Flight: He also has amazing skill in flight, again considering his eternity of experience.

Spiritual Guide & Skilled Leader: His capabilities as a leader and a guide are impressive, as well; he has led groups into Heaven, and provided guidance for various individuals, including the present Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders.

Angelic Knowledge: He is an expert in the ancient warfare, customs, and theologies of the Abrahamic religious

Strength level

On the order of 20 times more than the human norm. Which is about 10-15 tons.


None known.



  • Angelic Armor: First, there is is his suit of armor. Although built of Earthly materials, this prototype is designed by the engineers of Heaven and is blessed with magical properties that are theoretically impossible to replicate on Earth. This suit of armor greatly enhances Zauriel's physical properties, including strength, durability, foot speed, agility, flight speed and stamina. Because of the Heavenly properties of the armor, it can be assumed that no other being could don it, let alone make use of its abilities.
  • The Aerie: Zauriel's second piece of equipment is his headquarters itself, the Aerie. Floating high over Los Angeles, this shining, golden tower is much like Zauriel's armor in that it is made of Earthly materials but is of Heavenly design. The technology inside is mind-blowingly advanced, making even the tech within the JLA's Watchtower seem like toys.

Transportation: None known.

  • Michael's Sword: Zauriel's third piece of equipment is Michael's Sword. This sword, which is characteristic of both guardian angels depicted thus far, is directly bonded to Zauriel's will, which logically prevents anyone else from using it. Because it is controlled by Zauriel's will, the sword can cut literally anything, including otherwise intangible objects and people, and even dimensional fabric itself. Magically pumped up by teammates, Zauriel was once able to cut a hole in the dimensional barrier separating Heaven and Earth, enabling himself and his team to transverse dimensions. The fiery sword is also able to emit blasts of fire. This sword seems to be a staple among angelic beings, and all angels seem to possess a personalized weapon. Since these beings appear to be relatively immortal, and everything they do is personalized, it would make sense that each angel would have a weapon keyed to just them. The flaming sword is a devastating weapon capable of rending steel and brick as well as human flesh.
  • Michael's Battle Spear: Zauriel is given this as he joins the Shadowpact, it is said to be more powerful than his Flaming Sword


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