'History : As a kid , Duke Skello had been bad , intristed in Sience , and always getting in detention and being bullied . So by the time he was a teen around 13 he almost got sent to Arkham Asylum . At age 20 he had robbed about evey bank in Gotham and sentenced to 6 life sentences at Arkum . 2 years later he fought The Bat then , he got shot in the hand by a police oficer , witch left him scared, then he got sent to Arkum . 1 year later ... 'Becoming the Extermanator : He then escaped , with the help of the Scarcrow . He then made his suit, witch was orange and blue and made the name the Extermanator , because his father was a Extermanator , who was killed by Killer Croc . He then shot the Scarcrow in the arm wounding him . He stole his lab eqquipment and decided to kill the bat because Batman made him . Edit

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