'The Bionic Blasterman was a series of stories of the life of Blasterman. Written by: Elitolu

The Bionic BlastermanEdit

The first chapter of the series is the Bionic Blasterman which starts right before he went to jail. He fights various villains as well as making alliances and allies.


Life Before BlastermanEdit

Life Before Blasterman is the second Chapter to the Bionic Blasterman Tetralogy. It starts as he gets his powers till he gets released from jail.


The Silver AgeEdit

The Silver age is Blasterman's later life. He becomes command of the Legion of Superheroes and is the commander of a mega-plane Legion Alpha


Blaster FamilyEdit

The Blaster Family is about Blasterman, Julia Hart, Blastergirl, and The Blast



Specials are Issues that are made with other users.

Issues ( So far )Edit

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