Liam Sinoda is a demi-god (though unknown to him) and son of Aphrodite. Liam is an ancestor of Adonis, and shares his super power of being extremely beautiful, able to will others to do his bidding just by staring at them. Liam recieved inner beauty from his mother as well so that his powers would be used for good. Liam currently resides in Metropolis with his surrogate parents Maxwell and Fiona Catridge. Liam eventually falls in love with a peer, Antonio Giovanni, but is crushed when he's moves to Gotham. Liam also eventually discovers his origins.


[[Image:{{{Image}}}|200px|center|Liam Sinoda]]
Real Name
Liam Sinoda
Current Alias



Wonder Woman

Aphrodite - (Biological Mother)

Maxwell Catridge - (Surrogate Father) Fiona Catridge - (Surrogate Mother)

Adonis - (Ancestor)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Unparalleled physical and inner beauty.

American (Possibly of Egyptian Heritage)


Marital Status


Senior at Midtown High school


Place of Birth
Mount Olympus

First appearance

"I am Adonis, and I will fight for justice."
-- Liam Sinoda


Liam was raised by his surrogate parents in the Midtown District of Metropolis. He had a very normal life, aside from many people being extremely attracted to him. He would eventually learn that this was his own super power. He decided to use this for justice once he was old enough. Liam, always fascinated by the Olympian Gods, gave himself a hero persona: Adonis.

Powers and Abilities


Extreme Physical Beauty - Liam is so beautiful that he is capable of bending others to his will with just a glance. This ability is shared with Wonder Woman.

Extreme Inner Beauty- Another gift from Aphrodite, Liam is always compelled to do what is right because of his inner beauty. This can also be considered somewhat of a weakness.


Superhuman Strength- Being a Demi-God, Liam possesses strength greater than any normal human. He isn't as strong as Ming Ming Yaguchi however.

Superhuman Durablity- Being a Demi-God, Liam possesses incredible durablity, far greater than that of a normal humans.

Superhuman Speed- Being a Demi-God, Liam possesses incredible speed surpassing that of a normal human's speed. Though, he is not as fast as Flash or even Bella Nunez

Regenerative Healing Factor - Like all members of his race, Liam's wounds are healed with great efficiency. However he is still capable of being injured. He is extremely resistant to most Earthly diseases, toxins, and poisons. He is not capable of regenerating lost limbs or organs.

Suspended Aging- Like all members of his race, Liam is immune to aging, and will stop aging once he reaches adulthood.

Strength level

Liam is a Demi-God similar to Hercules (Herakles) who possesses nearly all of the abilities of his race.


Liam's glance abilities cannot work on anyone who is already truly in love with someone or anyone who is currently married. Those who wouldn't normally be attracted to him are slightly more resistant to it's effects (ex. gay female & straight male). Liam's powers can be taken away by the Gods. Liam is also inclined to do the right thing which doesn't usually allow leniency.


Equipment: Liam doesn't receive equipment until he discovers his origins. After this however he is given weapons from the Gods.

  • The Golden Fleece
  • Hermes' Shoes
  • Achilles' Sword
  • The Helmet of Hades

Transportation: Liam prefers normal transportation, but will rely on his superhuman abilities if necessary.
Weapons: Achilles' Sword


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