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Synopsis for "Diana's Epitath"

Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Jade make their way to the Citadel. Bur Jade loses her green powers, as Kara is ambushed in mid air by her clone. Meanwhile Diana is beaten by Donna Troy. Diana finds herself cuffed, and bound before Mudala, as she has also captured her mother Hippolyta. Mudala explains that her goal is for her, and Donna to replace Hippolyta, and Diana. In orbit above, Darkin, and Lex Luthor (Prime), prepare Kara for reprogramming under intense concentration of Kryptonite. Meanwhile Kuulas prepare Jade for a full memory wipe, as she had figured out that she is a clone, and was created to betray her friends. The next day, Diana, and Kara are forced to fight. Kara under some mind control uses her crystal generation ability to kill Diana. Just then her mind control is broken, as the remorse for what she done is felt by her, as well as Hippolyta who was also forced to watch her daughters death.


Herione Prime is an Adult Graphic Novel. 18 and over only


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