Real Name: Brainiac 50

Current Alias: Emerald

Aliases: None

Identity: Public

Alignment: Good

Affiliation: JLH

Relatives: Brainiac/100 (father), Brainiac 25 (sister), Brainiac 75 (brother)

Base Of Operations: Fortess of Solitude, Batcave

Gender: Male

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 170 lbs

Eyes: Red

Hair: Red

Citizenship: Culan

Occupation: Hero

Origin: None

Place Of Birth: S.T.A.R. Labs

Portrayed by:


Brainiac created three childern as his legacy. Two of them turned to the side of good, while the other stayed on his father's side.


During the time when the JLH's parents were killed Brainiac created three childern for his legacy. He created the with an emtion chips that will allow them to so their emotion. Brainiac 50 and Brainiac 75 showed agression, while Brainiac 25 showed a seductive angression. Brainiac then sent them out to destroy the Justice League. As they arrived the clouds started to get darker, but that didn't keep them from their mission. After the destruction it started to rain, and they covered themselves with a force field keeping the rain out. Unfortunatly the force field on Brainiac 25 was jamed, causing her to get wet. She was electrocuted and came crashing toward the ground. Brainiac 50 rushed down to help her and take her back. Brainiac 75 thought that what he did was a sign of weakness. As the scanners scanned her way of thinking was changed. She felt sorry for all those people at the launch site. They started to see what was wrong and Brainiac decided to take her apart, but Brainiac 50 and Brainiac 25 didn't want that to happen. Brainiac 50 and 25 fought the other Brainiacs long enough to get away.

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