Space is a miraculous thing, it just hangs in an empty void full of alternate dimensions and universes. But a shadow is moving. And every corner of creation will be thrown into a battle with dire consequences. The whole of reality will be thrown into danger with only one warning, the Darkest Storm is coming. Right across reality this message has been scattered into ancient artefacts, radio signals and more. The end is coming, and nothing can stop it.

Chapter 1Edit

Atla-El and Superman shoot through the Andromeda galaxy. "Okay Superman, first one out of the galaxy isn't a rotten egg!' "It's on!" Atla-El slowly falls behind before hitting a planet. He runs across in about /

.000003 seconds, then he leaps into space, "I've always been faster on foot!" Over and over again he hits a planet and runs across. Atla-El gets about ten planets ahead, "Geronimo!" He jumps off the side of an asteroid and falls into a vortex. He shoots out a few planets from the edge of the galaxy. And he won. He waits for Superman but after hours he doesn't show up. He goes to investigate to find Superman floating through space with kryptonite stabbed into his arm. Atla-El pulls it out and Kal-El awakens. "What happened?" "I don't know, I just blanked out!"

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