Real Name
Gar Logan Baker
Current Alias

Beast Boy; Manimal


Teen Titans

Buddy "The Beast Man" Baker (father); Preann Daggle (mother, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Titans Tower; Manhattan, New York





Unusual Features
Changeling has an uncommonly dark complexion, which is derivitive of his connection to the anthropomorphic field, and not of any specific racial heritage.


Marital Status


Private school


Brian Kurtz

First appearance



Gar Logan Baker is the hybrid son of an alien and a metahuman. His mother was the alien Durlan known as Preann Daggle and his father was famed soldier of fortune Buddy "The Beast Man" Baker. Buddy first discovered Preann when he was exploring the ruins of an ancient Aztec pyramid. There, he discovered Preann, a prisoner of a rival alien race known as the Camaxtli. The Camaxlti had been conducting experiments on Preann in an effort to synthesize her Durlan shape-changing abilities. While attempting to rescue her, Buddy was exposed to a pool of fluid created by the Camaxtli in one of their many experiments. The liquid activated Buddy's metagene, granting him limited anthropomorphic abilities.

Buddy and Preann escaped Mexico and she came to live with him in the United States. The two fell in love and gave birth to a son. Preann named him after Gar Egglar, a Durlan philosopher and patron saint of animals. Although both parents knew that their son was special, it wasn't until Gar was twelve-years-old that he began demonstrating strange superhuman abilities. Gar could transform his body into the shape of any animal on the planet Earth, including species that were now extinct. Buddy and Preann realized that it wouldn't be long before he started following in his father's footsteps. Unfortunately though, Gar's abilities made him an outcast at school and he was transferred to a private learning institution.

When Gar was sixteen-years-old, he learned about an online focus group called the Jupiter Foundation. The Jupiter Foundation was a web-based forum that enabled teenage metahumans the opportunity to meet and communicate with one another. For the first time in his life, Gar did not feel like an outcast. After several months of communicating over the computer, he decided that he wanted to actually meet his online friends. These young heroes formed the basis for what would soon become known as the Teen Titans. As one of the team's founding members, Gar assumed the code name of Changeling.

One of Gar's earliest adventures with the Titans took him to Mexico, and to the very pyramid where his parents first met one another. Here, they encountered Anima – the so-called Beast God of Xochatan. Anima was actually tour guide Courtney Mason who had been abducted and transformed into an animorph by the Camaxtli aliens.

After several more missions with the Titans, Changeling took a temporary leave of absence, so he could spend more time with his father who was mourning the recent loss of Gar’s mother. Within short order though, Buddy Baker resumed his career as Beast Man and Gar accompanied him on a series of adventures that took them to South America, Egypt, Morocco, Kahndaq and China. During this time, Gar was often regarded as his father’s sidekick and earned the unflattering name of Beast Boy.

In time though, Changeling missed his friends in the Titans and returned to the team full time. He has since been romantically linked to the teen-heroine Vixen – a girl with powers similar to Gar’s father, but of completely different origins.

Powers and Abilities


  • Metamorphosis: Gar Baker is an animorph and can alter his body to assume the form of any animal that he chooses. Upon doing so, he automatically develops all of the physical characteristics commonly associated with the animal that he selects. If he turns into a bat, he grows wings and can nagivate via radar, etc. Gar's shape-changing ability is limited to lower order animals and he cannot take the form of human beings. Also, he can only assume the forms of animals in relative size to an adult specimen of the animal he selects. In other words, Changeling cannot transform into a thirty-foot chicken, since thirty-foot chickens don't exist within nature. With time and practice, Changeling can eventually assume the form of animals from other worlds, but he has yet to develop this application of the power at this time.


None known.

Strength level

In normal human form, Changeling has the strength level of a boy his age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise. His strength alters depending upon which animal form he assumes at any given moment.


Changeling is prone to experiencing an animal's instictive nature, and sometimes this trait shows through even in human form. For example: If Gar grows hungry, he may adopt a more predatory demeanor.


Equipment: Teen Titans identi-card; Teen Titans Signal Device
Transportation: As a Teen Titan, Changeling has access to the team's various vehicles including the T-Jet, the T-Chopper, the T-Sub and the T-Cycles.
Weapons: None known.


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