Brainiac (Series-1240)
BrainIAC 1240 01
Vital statistics
Human name
Date Of Death
Gender Female
Series/Type/Class: BrainIAC-Type IV (Techno-Organic Construct)
Hair Color Blonde/Green
Eye Color Red
Height 5ft., 9in.
Weight {{{weight}}}
Profession/Occupation {{{job}}}
Creator/Chief Designer(s): Brainiac MK-01
Health {{{health}}}
Current Status: {{{status}}}
Homeworld/Universe: Metropolis-13 (Earth-01244)
Main Power Systems/Functions
Primary Power Systems:
2ndary Power Systems:
Systems Configuration:
Intelligence Level: {{{level}}}
Primary Systems Functions: {{{primary}}}
Rank/Position: CEO & Creator of Brainiac Industries
Personal Weapons Systems
Ultrs-Force Powers: Interfocused energy particle powered Super strength (can lift up to 13,250 Mega-Tons)

Anti-Gravity field powered flight

Weapons (Basic) {{{weapons}}}
Heavy Weapons
Personal Defensive Systems
Basic Defense Systems:
Special Defensive Systems: Ultra-Force Energy Shields
Special Armored Systems:

The Brain-InterActive Construct (Series-1240) also simply known as Brainiac-1240 is the direct desendant of original Kryptonian super intelligence Brainiac MK-01 and current corporate Head and chairwoman of Brainiac Industries a multi global supercorporation located within central Metropolis-13 (Originally upgraded by Brainiac MK-13 in 2010) located within Earth-01244. Brainiac Corp. is the main manufacturers of most current military technology as well as various food products, medical technology, and multiple charity resource suppliers (food, medications, emergency supplies...Etc..)

Series/System History Edit

Series-1240 was 1 of several upgraded BrainIAC models that were sent into several various dimensions as a mass project to take over several other earths in which Superman would not exist. Series-1240 was selected to enter Dimension designation-01244 due to the fact that the Human population appeared to be mainly Female and no version of Superman seemed to exist (However Brainiac was incorrect about this due to the fact that Ultra-Girl did exist.).

Arrival to Metropolis-13 Edit

On November 15, 2010 Brainiac-1240 was sent to Earth-01244 into 1 of the planets Mega-Cities in order while having an alien appearance could still enter into mainstream Human society without need of a change of appearance.

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