Animal Squad

Official Name
Animal Squad

Team Identity

Base Of Operations
The Jungle

Team Leader(s)

Current Members
Prey, Jaws


Dr. Vines, Adonis, Thorn, Hunter, Animorpher, Scar

First appearance



Animals and Plants

700 years ago the great gods of Mt. Olympus created two gods that would watch over plants and animals. One was named Adonis, god of plants and plant type. And the other was named Artaxias, god of animals and animal kind. Zeus would prefer Artaxias's creatures over Adonis's plant life. Hades showed Adonis that ever flower has a thorn, and everyone has a darkside. Adonis's jealousy turned into rage and he began war with his brother, and left Zeus as his father for Hades. So when Zeus saw the war between plant and animals they took away their powers and put them into two different orbs. One yellow orb that stands for the animals, and one green one that stands for the plants. Then Adonis grabbed the orbs and transported them where no one would find them. Finally Zeus erased their memories and put them on Earth as normal childern to live there new lives.

Power of the Species

700 years later Artaxias and Adonis met-up together as Leon Williams and Warren Herbs. Leon studies with two of his best friends, Jacob Finn and Molly Daniels, in zoology (study of animals). While the animal haters, or, plant lovers like Warren study botany (study of plants). And one day Warren tries to trick them to go with him to Greece and leave them on Mt. Olympus. So as Warren and the other get ready for their hike up t Mt. Olympus Leon and Warren hears a sound that says don't do it. They decide to ignore it and go on their trip. Couple of hours later they come across some snow and it was too much for them, and all hope was given up until Leon found a cave in the side of the mountain. He tries to get everyone their and Warren ends up getting blown away by the breeze into the other side of the mountain. Leon goes after him only to find a temple of plants and animals. He goes farther into it and finds Warren on his knees like he was sick. He said that he touched the the green orb and now he has a bad feeling. Leon then watches as Warren turns into the Plant of Doom, the Seed of Evil, the god of the plants, Adonis, or as he likes to call himself, Dr. Vine. Dr. Vine noticing that Leon was near the yellow orb he attackes him in rage for the Plant Kingdom to rule the world. Molly and Jacob come in and notice that a Dr. Vine was attacking Leon and they try to help. Leon warns them that Warren is Dr. Vine. They ask how did he turn into that thing, and he answered that he touched that green orb. Molly thought that they should get the yellow orb and get so powers of there own. The two distracted Dr. Vine and Leon grabbed the orb. All of a sudden the lion animal spirit entered the him and they became one. With his new powers he fought off Dr. Vine and the two sneaked over to get their powers. Molly grabbed the orb and gained the eagle animal spirit. And as she joined Leon Jacob grabbed it and gained the shark animal spirit. They began to fight him off until he called the Seeds and left. Suddenly they all disappeared and they transported to the top of Mt. Olympus. There they met Zeus and he explained that the powers of animals and plants and their war. He told them that Dr. Vine has been and will seek revenge on the animal protecter and animals themselves. And when they took the power they promised that they will protect the world from villians like him. They all agreed and decided to save the world from people like Dr. Vine and animal harmers.


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