The Adamantium Power Ring, is a White Lantern Power Ring dipped in adamantium, unlike other rings it doesn't need to recharge from a lantern, it recharges itself, it doesn't require things like, Will,Fear,Hope,or Love, it just turns thought into reality, since it doesn't need Will,Fear,Hope,or Love, the objects it creates are as strong as the wearer wants them to be,it can translate universally, it can create dimensions where the wearer rules,the wearer wears adamantium armor, can heal the user of of thirst,hunger,injuries, and diseases and the speed of light,can teleport elsewhere, can create any object that can do anything(EX: a fireproof,waterproof,invincible firefighters costume), can create clones of the ring or wearer, omniscience,it can age or turn back the objects or events,it can also shapeshift the user to their liking. Unlike most rings its lantern battery is inside the ring, where the lantern picture is actually, it jumps out into a 3-d Form that doesn't charge the ring but gives it more power, and the ring can clean the battery dry then the ring can full it back up without losing any energy or power, instead of the ring causing things to happen its the person, the rings drains the battery's energy not giving power to the ring itself but to the user so the person could take off the ring and make a Ferris Wheel,etc.

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